Call out: 16:35 – We were called out alo…

Call out: 16:35 – We were called out along with our Lancashire cousins Hornby this evening. To th report of a lady who had fallen in her home, leaving her unable to turn off the grill.
We arrived to a partially smoke filled property and the owner unable to stand. The crew carried out a top to toe survey of the lady, turned off the grill, removed the very burnt contents and vented the property.

Yorkshire Ambulance arrived to give the owner a check over and we left shortly after.

This lady was very lucky. Due to the lack of fire fighters at Bentham, we went off the run until 9pm tonight at 5pm. Had this call come in after 5pm. We wouldn’t have been the first fire engine there and they would have had to wait for Hornby to arrive a good 15 to 20 minutes later.