Can you help…

Can you help 👍👍👍

🚌 On average most people have around 338 Facebook friends.

🚌 Did you know if you all SHARE our posts on a regular basis this reaches people ‘organically’ and without cost. To a small business right now this is literally GOLD DUST.

🚌 If you can’t manage a share, or your account is private- a comment on a post is the next best thing, and then a like ( in that order)🗣✏️📋

🚌 Then if you are feeling really good – tag 🏷 your friends small businesses too.

🚌 A Google Review is such a help 🤞

🚌 A retweet and a repost on Twitter and Instagram are also really supportive.

🚌 With many businesses closed, and low financial support these times are crucial.

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